Reader Reviews

“Wow! My God! Tears of joy! Reassurance. [These are] some of the thoughts and feelings I experienced when I began reading your book. I feel like you wrote this book just for me.” —Wilmington, North Carolina

“What a fantastic book!! So much good advice and sources for more information. How to Care for Aging Parents is one of those books that should be on almost everyone’s bookshelf.” —Lombard, Illinois

“Thank you for writing this book. Your practical suggestions are great, and the emotional help is as important, and sometimes even more valuable. I have recommended it to many people.” —Henderson, Nevada

“I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I don’t know how I got along without it for so long.” —Silver Spring, MD

“An excellent resource. Each of the siblings now has a copy and TOGETHER we’re dealing with the challenges aging brings.” —Windsor, CO

“Empathy & Heart packaged in Practical Advice. Committed to helping Seniors retain dignity and independence, I read this type of guide with a practiced view. It was so thoroughly organized and comprehensive that the most inexperienced OR experienced caregiver would benefit. Most important the author has heart and it shows. Every sample conversation, encouragement, or practical tip showed empathy for both the senior and the caregiver adult/child. See for yourself.” —Boston, MA

“My Elder Care Bible. I use Ms. Morris’ book religiously for any new situation that occurs with my Mother, which with Alzheimer’s can be a daily occurrence. The author has already been down this road and has been kind enough to compile a ton of helpful information to assist us on our journey. I counsel my clients to purchase this book as soon as they have any fear about having to care for a parent. This book is an essential part of my library. I know you can get this information on the internet but why not have a one stop source!” —Ashburn, VA

“Great help!! This is exactly what I needed. All the answers to questions I hadn’t even thought of! GREAT BOOK!!” —Newbury Park, CA

“I was alerted to this book by a friend. Originally, I used a library copy, but decided it was so full of information I may need in the future that I purchased my own copy for reference. It is the most help in one place that I have found.” —Birmingham, AL

“This book is written with such kindness and is full of information that is invaluable. At least for me, it was exactly what I needed.” —W. Murray

“This book was a tremendous help to me and, because of its pointers, my father. I used this book for the three years I had the privilege to be my Dad’s care giver. I have given this book as a gift to numerous friends who have shared it with their friends and family.” —P. Beavers

“This is the most wonderful book ever! It has been like a bible to me. I’ve highlighted so much in this book and kept going back to it daily. This book helped us prepare for what was to come for our mother who was very sick. I even bought a friend one of these books to help her prepare for what will happen. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book! Thank you!!” —S. Sherwood

“Originally, I used a library copy, but decided it was so full of information I may need in the future that I purchased my own copy for reference. It is the most help in one place that I have found.” —M. Ward

“There are many books addressing elderly issues and their care, and I purchased a few and read them. But it was this particular book that helped my sisters and me develop a logical, caring and purposeful plan to care for ALL the details surrounding our mother’s needs after Dad died. To add to our challenges was Mom’s dementia, later diagnosed as Alzheimer’s. I purchased copies of this book for each of my three sisters, and when we got together to discuss various issues with mom, this book was ALWAYS referenced — sorta like my Bible. Lots of paragraph highlighting.” —R. Erickson

“I read a review of this book many years ago and purchased it. It was extremely helpful in coping with my parents’ final years. I have loaned it to many friends during their times of need and finally never got it back. I am buying it again so I may share it with anyone who needs it. I highly recommend this book!!” —J. Campbell

“Excellent resource. Everything you need to know. The book covers everything know. Nothing more to say. The book says it all.” —J. Samartano

“This book is a wealth of needed information. Easy to read without feeling overwhelmed. This is definitely a must-have book if you are dealing with an aging parent or loved one.” —J. B. Gremlins

“Excellent information! This book was recommended to me by a co-worker who had dealt with the illness and eventual death of her father-in-law. It provided so much excellent practical information that I used immediately in caring for my parents. An added bonus is the reassurance it gives to me and my siblings as caretakers for the ones who once cared for us. Highly recommended!” —C.B., Virginia